August 16, 2008

Roadside Pho in Lao

Last October Beijing Gourmand took a trip to Lao with a friend. Lao is a tiny landlocked nation with a relatively undeveloped economy. Lao people are extremely warm and friendly and the food is amazing. Lao cooking uses fresh ingredients and most dishes are flavored with padek, a sauce made from fermented fish. Young boys spend their free time in local rivers catching minnows with home-made rubberband spear guns; when they have a full bag they'll sell them to local women who will then ferment the fish themselves.

After a short ride outside of Vangviang we stopped for some pho. The noodles and soup were very delicious; dried-shrimp, lime, green beans, mint and basil were provided for flavoring to taste.

Simon tucks in

On the way back into town we stopped for a cold Beer Lao

setting the trap and waiting...

Lao is a former French colony so crepes were readily available
, making for a great dessert after a pizza adventure

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