August 16, 2008

China's Newfound Obsession with Wine

Slate recently put out an article examining the rise in popularity of wine in China, Wineglasses Rising - China's newfound obsession with wine. Of particular note are wines from Grace Vineyard. Beijing Gourmand recently had a bottle of 2006 Grace Vineyard Chardonnay (怡园酒庄 - 霞多丽), which is light and crisp and paired well with the o-toro from Len Len, the Japanese restaurant we were eating at. Beijing Gourmand suspects the wine might be overpowered by spicy or oily Chinese foods, so it would be best to pair it with lighter dishes.

Btw, Len Len (联联) flies in its o-toro from Tokyo's famous tsukiji fish market several times a week. In BG's personal opinion, the dining experience at Len Len is far more enjoyable than that at Yotsuba, which is supposedly the best place for sushi in Beijing.

If you would like to learn more about Chinese wines and drinking wine in China then Grape Wall of China, by Beijing Boyce, is an excellent place to start.

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