October 26, 2008

Emperor Burger

From Flibblesan's Flickr photostream

This week The Economist profiled Burger King's (汉堡) expansion into China in Fast food in China: Here comes a whopper. Both McDonald's and Yum!'s KFC have a major head start on the world's second largest burger chain, but there's plenty of market share left if the company plays its cards right.

Burger King has translated the name for its signature burger, the Whopper, as huangbao, or Emperor Burger, which isn't as catchy as a Royale with cheese, but aptly named given that so called "little emperors" likely make up a large part of its target market.


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taebin said...

it's about time to "have it my way!"

haven't had a whopper in ages...

b. cheng said...

The problem is the company has failed to play its card's right. Fast food is meant to be fast, BK has done a horrible job training its staff and hasn't splashed out advertising cash.